Our weeklong summer camps have been restructured for 2019!

Kids Camp

The bottom grade of our old Junior High Camp has been added to Kids Camp, which now covers anyone going into grades 3 through 6.

Expanding the Kids Camp range will increase what we able to do for this camp resource-wise. Also, we believe that letting kids wait one more year before moving up will be good for them. Kids in middle school deal with very different struggles in 2019 than they did when we were that age, so as we work to accommodate & bless this demographic, we also want to pick the best year for kids to move up.

Youth Camp

The rest of the former Junior High Camp will be combined with Senior High Camp, for one big week of Youth Camp! This camp is for anyone going into grades 7 through 12 or just graduated.

This decision, as with the above Kids Camp decision, is partially about being wise with what God’s given us. We know from our fall retreat and other events, as well as experience with various youth ministries, that these ages fit well together as long as they also have time split up into their different age groups. Some of our favorite Senior High trips, games, & speakers would be a blessing to the younger students, too, so we want to put these resources together to increase what we can do!

Speaking of what we can do, our other motivating factor is an exciting new event we’re launching: Fruition. This will be a weekend camp-style conference open to anyone 18 years old & up. We believe this event can be a powerful driver of camp culture for years to come! But, between this new event, our camp leadership’s availability, & other non-camp events this summer (like our denomination’s LIFE Conference, which some of our participating churches will be attending), we have to be wise in how we steward our camps.

For this week of Youth Camp, students will be assigned to cabins in different tiers, based on different age groups, with the best counselors for each age in the appropriate cabins. This is the same model we use for our fall retreats, allowing a wider range of students while still giving every age the environment it deserves.

We are so excited for what God has in store for these two weeks, as well as the other events we have scheduled for 2019!